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April 16, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
---France x Reader Lemon---
Do not read if you are offended by sexual content or cursing. Thanks.

The bright sun slipped through your curtains hitting your face as you slept, you pulled the covers over your face and shifted around until you got comfortable. Once you drifted back into a comfortable sleep your phone started going off, you groaned and gave up. You pick it up to see your best friend Francis was calling, "Hello...?" "_____ you sound horrible are you ok?" "Yes I'm fine, I just woke up. What do you need?" "Just woke up? Its already 1:00 in the afternoon! Anyway I was wondering if you were coming to Alfred's party tonight."

You sat there for a second and remembered Alfred bugged you about that party for HOURS. "Yeah, I'll be going. But I probably wont drink." "Ok then~ I'll see you there ma rose." He said as he hung up. Your cheeks tinted a light pink at that last comment, he normally calls you that but this sounded different. You dragged yourself out of bed and brushed your teeth and dressed yourself in your favorite outfit. You grabbed a bite to eat and watched some T.V. until it was time to go to Alfred's party.

--Time Skip To Alfred's House--

You stood outside of the HUGE house, when I say its huge it's bigger than a football field. Maybe two. You spotted the Bad Touch Trio outside chatting, you walked up to them and said hello, "Kesesesese well don't you look awesome tonight~" He said wrapping his arm around your waist, you pushed his arm off and thanked him. "So whats up with this party? Is anything special going on today?" You asked looking around the place, "Nah, just one of those things he likes to do."

Antonio said looking around as well, You looked up at France who was spacing out. You nudged him a bit and he snapped back into reality. "You ok Francis?" You said looking up into his blue eyes. He looked down into your (e/c) with a faint blush. "Oui, je suis très bien." He said in his native tongue without realizing it, you giggled only catching the 'Oui' part. Alfred burst through the doors excited as ever,

"O.K. EVERY ONE, THE HERO HAS DECIDED TO PLAY AN AWESOME PARTY GAME!" Everyone looked at him confused as ever. "WE'RE GOING TO PLAY 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!" As soon as he said that a blush crept onto your face, Francis put his arm around your shoulder with a comforting smile as he led you to were everyone was sitting. You drew names from the box, first you got Iggy, you both just stood in the closet awkwardly for 7 minutes, then you got Prussia...

You were dragged into the closet by Ludwig and Alfred. You backed away as far as you could until you reached the wall, when the door shut all you could hear was foot steps approach you, "Kesesese~" He laughed as he pinned you to the wall holding your chin so you could face him, "You know ____ I've been wanting you for so long...." He said lustfully in your ear, it made you shiver as his warm breath hit your neck. "But I'm already in love with someone..." You said trying to break away from him. "Oh? It's the awesome me right?" He said holding his grip so you can't get away, "No..." You said blankly, "Too bad, I want you so I'll make you mine." He said grinding against you. You let out a soft gasp in surprise, "N-No..." You said pulling from his grip, only making him impatient. "I will never be yours..." You said in an angry tone.

He slammed you into a wall, creating a loud thump, you cried out for help but he covered your mouth with his gloved hand. Only causing you to muffle curse words at him, suddenly the door slammed open, France was standing in the door-way, pissed as ever he pulled Prussia off of you and grabbed your hand and drug you out of the closet. Once you were out you were caught by surprise by Frances lips, his lips were soft like rose petals, once he pulled away for air your face was dark red, you took a minute to process what was going on. 

When it clicked in your head you looked up at a red faced France, "T-Thank you Francis." You said softly as you kissed him again, when he pulled you back placing his hands of your shoulders, "____ You can never be Prussia's, because I want to make you mine." He said lovingly looking into your (e/c) eyes. He pulled you upstairs into a guest bedroom and locked the door, he pulled you towards him and wrapped his arms around your waist. He kissed you passionately, licking your bottom lip for permission. You tilted your head to the side and opened your mouth a little, your tongues danced around, fighting for dominance, France quickly won that battle. He broke the kiss and traveled to your neck, sucking on your soft spot, he bit down leaving a hickie.

"This shirt is mocking me, may I take it off?" He said lustfully in your ear making you shiver, "Y-Yes you may." As soon as you said that he pulled it off, he rubbed his warm hands on your waist, turning you on a little he gently massaged your boob, slipping his hand under your (color) bra, you let out soft mewls of pleasure as a wave of pleasure coursed through your body. "Honhonhon~" He laughed softly in your ear. He fiddled with the hook of your bra, slipping it off and throwing it to the floor were your shirt was. "Hey no fair~" you said tugging at his shirt. You slipped it off of him admiring his slightly build body, "You know, its not polite to stare~" He joked, pushing you onto the bed, he climbed on top of you and took one nipple into his mouth and played with the other with his fingers.

You let out soft moans and pants, you became impatient and tugged at him pants a bit. "Hmmm, someones a little eager, no?" He teased and he trailed kisses down your stomach and pulled down your (bottoms) you blushed and looked away, today you were wearing panties with the french flag on it, "I like these panties~ But they would look better off." He said pulling the soaked panties off. He took a moment to look at you completely naked, "You know, it's not polite to stare." You teased him, only making him laugh a bit. He began to rub your clit with his fingers, earning some moans from you, he moved down to you entrance and slid in one finger, then he added another, and another. 

He pumped them in and out occasionally hooking them. You cried out his name, and boy did that turn him on. He licked his fingers clean and pulled down his pants and boxers, he couldn't wait any longer. He positioned his length at your entrance and waiting for your approval, you nodded as he slowly entered you making sure he filled you all the way. You felt a sharp pain pierce your body, as he stretched your virgin walls, you winced a little getting used to the feeling, after a couple seconds the pain was replaced with pleasure. You wrapped your arms around Frances neck and you whispered "I'm ready now..." He thrusts in and out of you slowly, "You're so t-tight..." he grunted, "Try to relax a little."

You did as he said, you where in complete bliss. Francis began to thrust faster, at a new angle hitting you sweet spot over and over. You cried his name in pleasure, not caring about the swarm of people listening in by the door. "F-Francis....I'm about to-" You moaned out as you released on him. He released not to much longer after, he panted as he pulled out of you. He laid next to you and pulled the sheets over you too, as you snuggled to his chest. "See, you can't be Gilbert's. Because your mine." He whispered lovingly as he places his hand on you (h/c) hair. You giggled softly falling asleep together.

---Bonus Ending---

Alfred managed to find an extra room key, he unlocked the door and yelled "BUSTED!" only o find that you two where passed out on the bed. He pulled out a camera and took a few pics be for he left. When you two woke up and dressed, everyone kept whistling and giggling at you two. You only shrugged it off and continued your day normaly.
Sorry if he's OOC ^^;

This is my first country x reader AND lemon so don't be surprised it its crap :c

im so young

and i write this shit

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